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January 25, 2007


Brian Eberly

Congrats Ryan. That is very cool!


That's fantastic Ryan. Kudos to you and to all those great contributors at P2Y!

Anony User

Actually, the site got 9045654 page views. That's different than visitors. I'm one visitor, but I could check out /view 10 pages on one visit. Sorry, but your visitors would be MUCH less.

Ryan Nielsen

My web site tracking from my web host provides the stats of both visits and page views. The visits have gone over 9 million. That statistic tracker on the site which shows page views was actually added a couple of years AFTER the re-grand opening of the site, but recorded the date of the first "change." So really it is THAT page which is not actual. I am going on my web server stats, not that web page stat.

Ryan Nielsen

Anony User,

Why post anonymously? Why not just post who you really are?



Kurt Johnston

9 Million! wow, I don't care if it's page views, unique visitors or anything else that it could be. It's still exciting and I'm so stinkin' thankful that you are providing a ton of great resources for us all, Ryan!


That's awesome!!! Hope to see in April!

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